FAI Resources for Clubs (Coaches/Players)

With clubs permitted to train with restrictions but not permitted to play games I hope that the resources attached and below can help coaches keep players engaged, interested and safe.

Below please see a number resources for clubs.

Non Contact/Unopposed Practices for club coaches/managers and players.

Also below are a number of links to the FAI TV Youtube page including

  • Coach Education Webinars 1-17

  • FAI Player Development Plan Formats

  • FAI Facility Development

  • FAI Coach/Parent Workshop

  • NEW FAI Coach Education Pathway 2021 – 2025

  • FAI Summer Soccer Schools Skill of the Day 1-60


FAI Coach Education Webinars:  1 – 17 Presentations

FAI Player Development Pathway (PDP): 4v4; 5v5; 7v7; 9v9 Formats

FAI Facility Development:

FAI Coach/Parent Workshop:

NEW FAI Coach Education Pathway 2021 – 2025:

FAI Summer Soccer Schools “Skill of the Day” 1 – 60

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